Do They Know It’s Christmas?


Bob Geldof once said: ‘I am responsible for two of the worst songs in history. One is “Do They Know It’s Christmas?”‘ 

So: Do They Know It’s Christmas?

This is a question that is asked every single year without fail, with the re-emergence of some version of that Band Aid classic. The problem is it’s so catchy, I can’t HELP but sing along to it, even if the message is – well – WRONG.

This is not to claim that Africa is a perfect place with no problems and everyone should now turn a blind eye. However most of the times when we hear about Africa in the media, it is in a negative way. How many times have you heard the expression: ‘think of those starving children in Africa’? Africa is (usually) portrayed as a land of only poverty, injustice and tears – either from starving children or celebs who go there to create the latest heart wrenching video.

If you were gutted Band Aid haven’t released a new video this year, worry no more! Here is a brand new version ‘Do They Know It’s Christmas?’ hot off the press. (Okay I put it together using YouTube and MovieMaker).

This is a joyful celebration of Christmas in different African countries.



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